Who is Anastasia Aven?

Anastasia's New World

Anastasia Aven is international internet celebrity, who got famous as a model in Europe and as a supposed “Guatemalan Mafia leader” according to false accusations of Russian government. Apart from modelling and writing she is facing challenges of political persecution based on her anti-corruption views. As of today she has more than 600’000 fans and even more followers. The first season of Anastasia’s New World shows her life before the arrest and the persecution. Now she has been released from imprisonment on lack of evidence and is producing the second season of the show where her involvement in the political arena will be shown. Her fan base is expanding rapidly thanks to the details and articles of her personal life. Apart from the show she has written an autobiography which will be published in 2017 in English and Spanish languages. International press has written many controversial articles about her life, including the appearance on the first page of New York Times, she is also named in Wikipedia as the most famous Russian in Guatemala. Currently she is receiving a refugee status in Guatemala and fighting for the freedom of her family while planning on filming the second season to the show where her family will be participating and publishing her book. Anastasia has the potential of being a new kind of celebrity which might have a historic impact on the world’s opinion not only in the glamour of the lifestyle but also in strong opinions about the international affairs.