What is Anastasia’s New World?

Anastasia's New WorldAnastasia’s New World is a reality show that consists of 11 chapters, 24 minutes each one. It follows the life of Anastasia Aven, who has recently moved from London, UK to Guatemala. In Guatemala Anastasia finds a new relationship with Andres Adami, makes new friends and travels around the country trying to fit it and to understand many different cultures of various regions. It’s full of adventures, drama, anecdotes and clash of cultures that happen on the way. The show offers various experiences of life in Guatemala, from living in a fisherman’s hut in an exotic village of Monterrico to participating in sacred ceremonies of authentic shamans in Tikal, as well as showing the luxurious part of the country in Juan Gaviota. Each chapter is full of action and unfolds new dimensions of the local culture. It’s a whole new world for Anastasia. In our time of globalisation it’s especially relevant for those with love of travel. The show has a broad audience, offering something to everyone, from adolescents to adults